The Daisy Moo Story


Have you ever had that feeling, you know, the one where the years are creeping by and you are just not in a career you feel passionate about?

DaisyMoos-1220121My love of baking dates back to my childhood.

My brother used to say the best thing about baking was the licking of the bowl at the end, but for me it was the glow of satisfaction when I opened the oven door and seeing that what I had baked was a success. (My brother, of course, always beat me to it when it came to licking the bowl!)

As I entered my adult years, naturally other interests took over and it wasn’t until a difficult period personally that my love of baking returned. Baking gave me so much joy and I decided I wanted to make a career from it.

My college tutor had instilled in me the idea that “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” – something that a chord with me; sometimes for change to happen you have to take a risk and it was my time to do just that.

So, Daisy Moo’s Bakehouse was born – a name inspired by my autistic brother’s love of animals. It was originally ‘Daisy Moo’, but I didn’t feel that told people what I was doing, so I added the ‘Bakehouse’.

As I searched for premises I began selling my bakes at market stalls and events. My first event was at Lindfield Food and Craft Fayre and I was so nervous!! However, as I engaged with the public my nerves turned to excitement and by lunchtime, I had sold out!

IMG_4845There seemed to me to be a gap in the market for healthier bakes with reduced fat and sugar and packed with fruit and vegetables for natural moisture and sweetness.

I felt people were ready to see something new, different flavour combinations and it’s surprising what works well together! The message is you can have your cake and eat it!

My family grow herbs for me to use in my baking and I love using edible flowers as decoration and as flavour in my cakes and scones. Daisy Moo’s Mum makes all our jam and chutney and she has taken on the Daisy Moo theme and loves coming up with unusual flavour combinations.

The more people I meet, the more I learn of the need for gluten free cakes, and also cakes suitable for diabetics. Having become intolerant to cow’s milk in recent times, I wanted to offer milkshakes and hot chocolate with alternative milks – people shouldn’t have to miss out.

I made up my mind early on that the Bakehouse would be vegetarian.

I’m a vegetarian myself and I wish to offer food of the highest quality, which means being able to taste test everything. In addition, I was often left disappointed when I went out for lunch, there was a lack of choice and I longed to see something a little more imaginative.

Whilst fitting the shop I was approached by some fantastic vegan folk and further experimental baking was conducted – now the Bakehouse offers vegan cake, scones and lunches.

So there we have it, I shall waffle on no more, but hope you will come and see me and try what we have to offer.

Love Daisy Moo x

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