Ingredients and Suppliers


You are what you eat – so you’ll want to know where all of the deliciousness that goes into our food and drink comes from!

Tea & Coffee

DaisyMoos-1330132Following an intensive period of testing, research, more testing and a dash of – yes, you’ve guessed it – final testing, we’ve chosen two very special suppliers for our tea and coffee.

Our tea comes from the London Tea Company.  They’re FairTrade Certified and have been brewing delicious cups (and mugs) of tea since 2003.  The pyramid tea bags are the best format to help the large teas and fruit pieces swirl about, doing their magical tea-making thing.  We’ve been impressed by the company and their credentials – but, most importantly, by the taste!

For our coffee, we’ve decided that a freshly ground (watch us grind, just for you) all Arabica Espresso Roast from Coffee Bay is just what’s required.  They blend mostly from an Ethiopian Mocca which gives an delicious flavour, matched to a smooth taste and excellent crema.  At the end of every day, our used coffee grounds get taken back to the veg patch and used to give our fresh produce that little perk-me-up that every (wall)flower or shy little herb sometimes needs.

We think that we’ve chosen some pretty special teas and coffees, just for you.  Tell you what – why don’t you come down and try them for yourselves?

Herbs and edible flowers

As far as we can, we source all of our herbs and edible flowers from the patch at the bottom of our garden.  This way, we know exactly what’s been used to grow the herbs and flowers – only the best for our customers!

When we can’t go down to the bottom of the garden, we work with local businesses based in and around Worthing to source high quality alternatives.


A lot ovegpatchf our fruit and vegetables come from our very own garden – check out our veggie patch, not bad eh?  We are also jolly lucky to have friends and neighbours who provide us with beautiful fresh produce from their allotments.

Let’s face it you can’t beat the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables and we are set to have the finest compost around now that any coffee leftovers go straight into it!

When we run a little low on our own produce we like to give our business to local suppliers and that’s where G A Brown and Son step in (Daisy Moo’s Bakehouse likes to support the I Love to Buy Local scheme) with their fantastic produce.

We’re also absolutely thrilled to be working with The Cheeseman in Shoreham for our cheeses, sundried tomatoes, olives, nuts and other nibbles of utter deliciousness.  And we’ve just got to tell you that our Sussex Charmer cheese is not only terribly tasty, but made just up the road in Burwash – so just on the doorstep (sandwich)!

Bake ingredients

Of course, we can’t grow everything – flours, eggs, hummus and so on.  For these items, we buy our ingredients from a range of trusted local suppliers.  As far as possible, we use British ingredients to support our national economy and reduce the food miles in each and every bakehouse bite!

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