Jams by Daisy Moo’s Mum


What’s a scone without jam?
What’s a ploughman’s without chutney?

Here at Daisy Moo’s Bakehouse we love making all our own jam and chutney, well, I say we, but what I should say is Mum does!


Daisy Moo’s Mum

And what a fine job she does indeed!

Just as with my cakes and scones, you will find unusual jams and chutneys all lovingly handmade. Now available to purchase in store! All are homemade using the best sourced ingredients, always vegan and just £3.50 per 190ml jar. What’s more, if you return your empty jar to us, we’ll give you 10% off your next one!

Mum’s other love is her garden and she provides me with beautiful edible flowers for my baking as well as herbs and infused sugars.

Prior to the Daisy Moo Bakehouse experience, she had been planning her retirement…!

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