Moopinions (Testimonials!)


Opening a new business is always going to be quite nerve wracking – and we’re no exception.

However, it seems as though people are really digging the Bakehouse – here’s a few of their Moopinions!

I very much enjoyed my visit to this fantastic cafe today. It’s a really appealingly light environment and run by very friendly people. My friend and i found it very welcoming being our first visit and were fast to talk about a return to the cafe which is a great sign! I also like that there is seating outside so you can enjoy any nice weather.The menu is very vegan friendly (gluten free options too) and so many options sounded good that it took a while to make a choice!I enjoyed my ploughmans and it was a good size plate. I also got my boyfriend a takeaway vegan sausage roll which he’s just been munching and has informed me it was very tasty.There were many cakes all looking amazing, i had a taster of one which was excellent, i was too full to buy one but i definitely need to go back for some!Worthing was very much needing such a place.


My sister bought me back the vegan brownies and sausage roll today as a surprise, she knows how I’ve been so excited about this place opening. They were both absolutely incredible, very impressed. Would recommend to everyone, Omni’s, veggies and vegans! So excited to go there myself now and see what else is on offer :’)

Thanks Natascha Kate Cocozza!

Such a happy and friendly atmosphere! Food is soooo nice and good to have such a large selection of Vegan options which is rare in Worthing. Well done and keep up the good work 🙂

Garry Russell – you’re making us blush!

My husband and I certainly recommend this fantastic and friendly cafe. We have been on three occasions and all of the staff remember us and are very welcoming. We certainly love the yummy vegan cake. We love the variety of flavours with the vegan and non vegan cakes. Highly recommended

Nicky Brown – who could forget you?

(The above from Facebook)

If you’ve enjoyed a bit of Mootime, do let us know how you found it – we’re so grateful for the reviews you leave us!


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